This e-library contains more than 4500 external publications on governance, social development, conflict and humanitarian issues. It includes academic and grey literature selected for its basis in good quality research and coverage of a range of perspectives. Policy-oriented summaries of each document are provided, plus links to the full text.

The state-private interface in public service provision

Elizabeth Dávid-Barrett

Political theory sets out a strong case for the state to play a major role in public service provision. Yet services are often provided by a range of state and non-state actors as well as by collaborative partnerships. This paper surveys the literature, seeking to map arrangements in developing countries and to understand the politics of different types of service provision. It ...» more

Applied research concerning inclusion of persons with disabilities in systems of social protection – quantitative research report (Tanzania)

This quantitative study aims to assess the need for inclusion in social protection among persons with disabilities compared to those without, within three districts in Tanzania.  It finds that the need for health insurance and other social protection schemes among persons with disabilities was not matched by higher , and suggests that the expansion of social protection schemes ...» more

Migration trends across the Mediterranean: Connecting the dots

Altai Consulting

Who are the men and women, and increasingly children, who make the journey from their home countries across vast expanses of desert and eventually across the sea? What are the triggers, patterns, and push and pull factors shaping their decisions? This report draws on unique and in-depth qualitative research conducted in countries of the southern and northern shores of the ...» more

Normative frameworks’ role in addressing gender-based violence in disaster settings

Mireille Le-Ngoc

How do national and international legal frameworks address gender-based violence (GBV) in disaster settings? It highlights that while violence against women should be prevented and addressed according to numerous international instruments, the aftermath of disasters often increases women’s vulnerability to GBV. Recommendations include greater participation by women in ...» more

Theories of Change: Time for a radical approach to learning in development

Craig Valters

A Theory of Change approach demands a radical shift towards more and better learning in development thinking and practice. This paper outlines growing and diverse ways in which Theory of Change approaches are understood, and highlights four key principles. Recognising the need not to obsess over the latest tool/buzzword, it calls for a shift towards learning as a norm and ...» more

Doing cash differently: how cash transfers can transform humanitarian aid

High Level Panel on Humanitarian Cash Transfers

The nature of humanitarian crises is changing. More people are in need and for longer. This report shows why giving aid directly in the form of cash is often a highly effective way to reduce suffering and to make limited humanitarian aid budgets go further. The report calls for shifts in how cash transfers are taken forward in order to take advantage of their full potential and ...» more

Applied research concerning inclusion of persons with disabilities in systems of social protection: Qualitative research report (Tanzania)


This report presents and analyses data obtained during qualitative interviews, which sought to understand the perceptions and experiences of persons with disabilities and the extent to which existing social protection programmes in Tanzania are inclusive of persons with disabilities. It finds that there is an absence of specific targeted efforted to enrol or collect data on ...» more

Demographic perspectives on female genital mutilation

United Nations Population Fund

In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the first-ever resolution against FGM, calling for intensified global efforts to eliminate it. This paper seeks to provide a new perspective by factoring in demographic dynamics analysis. It presents data from a number of countries across Africa and Asia including: current levels of FGM; the main differences according to ...» more

Projecting progress: reaching the SDGs by 2030

Susan Nicolai, Chris Hoy, Tom Berliner, Thomas Aedy

How much more effort will be needed to reach the new Sustainable Development Goals? At the time when the focus moves from negotiation to implementation, this paper gathers the best available global projections and finds that unless significant changes are made to how we approach them, the 17 goals will not be met. A call for action rather than a prediction of failure, it ...» more

Global humanitarian assistance report 2015

Development Initiatives

The spotlight is on financing to address crisis, vulnerability and risk as never before. This report provides the evidence to better understand how to meet the urgent challenge of meeting rising humanitarian needs with limited resources, and to inform the number of global processes taking place in 2015 and 2016 including Financing for Development and the World Humanitarian ...» more

Managing change in PFM system reforms: A guide for practitioners

World Bank

This guidance note presents the key components of change management programs, together with several country cases, in order to assist practitioners in the design of change management and adaptive leadership programs as an integral part of country specific PFM system reform projects. Key findings: Key challenges for mobilising a large group of individuals (reform teams) ...» more

Remittances to Syria: What works, where and how

Roger Dean

The opportunities for cash transfers to enable projects that will better meet emergency and post-emergency needs are of paramount importance where access is severely curtailed. This study seeks to explore the potential for cash transfer programming as a key modality for humanitarian actors to meet the needs of vulnerable populations inside Syria. It established that various ...» more

State of the world’s minorities and indigenous peoples 2015

Minority Rights Group

In a context of rapid growth, an increasing proportion of minorities and indigenous peoples are now living in urban areas. Under the right conditions minority and indigenous communities have contributed to the growth, development and diversity of their cities. However, the concerns of minorities and indigenous peoples have yet to be mainstreamed into urban policy to the same ...» more

The security gap in Syria: Individual and collective security in ‘rebel-held’ territories

Ali Ali

This paper examines security in Syria through the conceptual lens of the security gap. It compares the security situation in so-called ‘rebel-held’ areas of Syria where alternative governance structures have emerged, and areas dominated by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD). It argues that security and safety are strongly influenced by authority formation and the nature ...» more

Towards a more effective early warning system in the horn of Africa


What are the lessons to be learnt and opportunities for improving CEWARN’s functionality as it implements and reviews its new strategy for 2012–2019?   This report recognises how far CEWARN has come since 2002 when there was no mechanism in place and now, where it operates differently in 6 countries across the region in response to the context. It also highlights the critical ...» more

The impact of Syrian refugees on the Turkish labour market

Ximena V. Del Carpio; Mathis Wagner

1.8 million Syrian people have found refuge in Turkey. Drawing on newly available data, this paper assesses the impact of refugee inflows on Turkish labour market conditions. It finds that these inflows change the level and composition of Turkish employment with particularly negative effects on Turkish workers in informal jobs (particularly women), the low educated, and those ...» more

Mechanisms underpinning interventions to reduce sexual violence in armed conflict: a realist-informed systematic review

Jo Spangaro, Chinelo Adogu, Anthony B. Zwi, Geetha Ranmuthugala and Gawaine Powell Davies

This literature review aims to identify both the mechanisms that underpin successful intervention and the contextual factors those mechanisms require. It identifies the important potential of building in mechanisms involving community engagement, awareness of responses and safe reporting provisions. The realist approach is an exploratory and theory-driven review method. It ...» more

Getting textbooks to every child in Sub-Saharan Africa: Strategies for addressing the high cost and low

Birger Fredriksen; Sukhdeep Brar; and Michael Trucano

Despite extensive technical support and funding from external partners, making textbooks affordable and available to students remains an elusive objective for most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. This study asks why it has been so hard to improve textbook provision comparative to other regions, exploring the cost and financial barriers. Recognising that progress has been ...» more

Child-sensitive social protection in Fiji: Assessment of the care and protection allowance

Stephen Kidd, Tareq Abu-el-Haj, Carol Watson, Jonathan Sibley, Bjorn Gelders and Gabrielle Smith

Despite Fiji’s status as a middle-income country, a high proportion of children live in poor and income-insecure families. This report reviews the Department of Social Welfare’s Care & Protection Allowance, highlighting that its current impact is limited by low coverage and the exclusion of beneficiaries from receiving other social security. The report recommends extending ...» more