Urban governance

What is urban governance and why does it matter? How can key urban policy issues be addressed?

This topic guide introduces the literature on urban governance and its relationship to growth and poverty reduction. It considers the key debates and issues, and sets out some implications for practice on specific urban governance challenges.

About this Topic Guide

This guide was written by William Robert Avis (GSDRC, University of Birmingham). Its production was supported by the UK Government. GSDRC appreciates the contributions of: Philip Amis (University of Birmingham); Tom Goodfellow (University of Sheffield); Jaideep Gupte (IDS); Linda Hershkovitz (Sinolog Consulting); Claire Mcloughlin (University of Birmingham); and Andrew Preston and William Turner (DFID).

Suggested citation

Avis, W. R. (2016). Urban governance: Topic guide. Birmingham, UK: GSDRC, University of Birmingham.