Social exclusion

This publication aims to introduce some of the best literature on the definitions, understandings, causes, and impact of social exclusion, as well as how exclusion can be measured and addressed by governments, civil society actors and international organisations.

The guide was written by Seema Khan (GSDRC), in close collaboration with Professor Frances Stewart (Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity), Dr Rosalind Eyben (Institute of Development Studies) and Professor Bina Agarwal (University of Delhi). The GSDRC also appreciates the contributions made by Dr Rosamund Ebdon (DFID). The guide was updated by Erika McAslan Fraser in February 2012, then expanded and lightly revised by Emilie Combaz (GSDRC, Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute) in August 2015. Its production was supported by the UK Department for International Development.

Suggested citation

Khan, S., Combaz, E. & McAslan Fraser, E. (2015). Social exclusion: topic guide. Revised edition. Birmingham, UK: GSDRC, University of Birmingham.

Image credits: © Mohammad Tauheed