Service delivery

Equitable access to essential public services is vital for human development, inclusive growth, and tackling persistent inequality. This topic guide provides an overview of the best available evidence on inclusive service delivery. It includes lessons from cases where aid has been effective at addressing weak front-line incentives, where services have been delivered in very difficult environments, or where access has been expanded equitably over time.

About this Topic Guide

This GSDRC Topic Guide was originally written by Zoe Scott (GSDRC, University of Birmingham) in 2007 and was substantially updated by Claire Mcloughlin in November 2014 (GSDRC, University of Birmingham; Its production was supported by the UK Department for International Development.

The GSDRC appreciates the contributions of Richard Batley (International Development Department, University of Birmingham), Anu Joshi (Institute of Development Studies), Claire Hughes (Social Development Direct), and Nicola Dahrendorf (DFID).

Suggested citation

Mcloughlin, C. and Scott, Z. (2014). Service delivery: Topic guide. Birmingham, UK: GSDRC, University of Birmingham.