Poverty and inequality

This topic guide introduces key readings and debates on poverty and inequality. It covers measurement and analysis, trends and projections, and understanding and addressing extreme poverty and inequality.

About this Topic Guide

This publication was written by Brigitte Rohwerder (GSDRC Research Officer, Institute of Development Studies). Its production was supported by the UK Government. GSDRC appreciates the contributions of Andy McKay (University of Sussex), David Hulme (University of Manchester), Marzia Fontana (LSE), Isabelle Cardinal (DFID), Rosie Bright (DFID), and Huma Haider (GSDRC, University of Birmingham).

GSDRC Topic Guides aim to provide a clear, concise and objective report on findings from rigorous research on critical areas of development policy. Rather than provide policy guidance or recommendations, their purpose is to inform policymakers and practitioners of the key debates and evidence on the topic of focus, to support informed decision-making.

The bulk of this Topic Guide was drafted in 2014. It has been updated with key sources (summer 2016), but without another comprehensive review of the literature.

Suggested citation

Rohwerder, B. (2016). Poverty and inequality: Topic guide. Birmingham, UK:  GSDRC, University of Birmingham.