Gender and conflict

What do we know about the role of gender inequality in producing or exacerbating the structural causes of violence and conflict, and about the multi-layered effects of violence and conflict on gender relations? What do we know about how to support gender equality in fragile and conflict-affected situations (FCAS)? This Topic Guide introduces the research evidence.

About this Topic Guide

GSDRC Topic Guides aim to provide a clear, concise and objective report on findings from rigorous research on critical areas of development policy. Rather than provide policy guidance or recommendations, their purpose is to signpost policymakers and practitioners to the key debates and evidence on the topic of focus, to support informed decision-making.

This GSDRC Topic Guide was written by Anna Louise Strachan (GSDRC, Institute of Development Studies) and Huma Haider (GSDRC, University of Birmingham). Its production was supported by the UK Government.

GSDRC appreciates the contributions of Judy El Bushra, Sanam Anderlini, Jessie Kirk, Kathryn Lockett, Adam Forbes, Cyn Gaigals and Mark Segal. We would also like to thank Evie Browne, Claire Mcloughlin, and Brigitte Rohwerder for their input.