Fragile states

This Topic Guide introduces some of the best literature on state fragility and the challenge of aid effectiveness and lessons learned from international engagement in these contexts. It highlights the major debates in the international development and academic community on understanding and responding to fragile situations. It is intended primarily as a reference guide for policymakers.

Two supplements to this guide by Huma Haider (GSDRC) explore the links between statebuilding and peacebuilding:

About this Topic Guide

This guide was written by Claire Mcloughlin (GSDRC), in close collaboration with Professor Jo Beall (University of Cape Town) and Alina Rocha Menocal (Overseas Development Institute). The GSDRC also appreciates the contributions made by Alex Stevens (DFID) and Frederick Golooba Mutebi (Institute of Social Research, Kampala). The guide was updated by Iffat Idris in March 2016.

Suggested citation

Mcloughlin, C. with I. Idris, 2016, Fragile states: Topic guide, GSDRC, University of Birmingham, UK.