Economic development in fragile and conflict-affected states

This Topic Guide draws on lessons from programmes and case studies to explore which types of economic development interventions can be effective in FCAS and which factors have contributed to successes and failures.

About this Topic Guide

This GSDRC Topic Guide was written by Katie McIntosh and Joanna Buckley (Oxford Policy Management). The production of this Guide was supported by the UK Government.

GSDRC appreciates the contributions of Evie Browne (GSDRC, University of Birmingham), Chris Cramer (Department of Development Studies, SOAS), Jolyon Ford (Global Economic Governance Programme, Oxford), Mamunur Rahman (Small and Medium Enterprise Foundation, Bangladesh), and Albert Souza Mulli (DFID). Additional contributions were provided by Samantha Dodd (Extractives, OPM), Sabine Garbarino (Social Development, OPM), Chris Hearle (Social Development, OPM), Dan Haglund (Extractives, OPM), Maja Jakobsen (Extractives, OPM), Joanna Kata-Blackman (IFC), Nick Lea (Chief Economist’s Office, DFID), Joanna McGowan (Research and Evidence, DFID), Juliet Wattebot O’Brien (Private Sector Development, DFID), John Primrose (DFID Ethiopia), Patricia Seex (Private Sector Development, DFID) and Nick Travis (Public Financial Management, OPM).

Suggested citation

McIntosh, K., & Buckley, J. (2015). Economic development in fragile and conflict-affected states: Topic guide. Birmingham, UK: GSDRC, University of Birmingham.