Disaster resilience

The impacts of disasters on development, poverty and vulnerability have led to calls for improving disaster resilience – the capacity to cope with and adapt to shocks and stresses associated with natural hazards. What do we know about what can enable or constrain disaster resilience? This Topic Guide for policymakers and practitioners synthesises the evidence, approaches and lessons that emerge from the literature.

About this Topic Guide

This GSDRC Topic Guide was written by Emilie Combaz (GSDRC, Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute) and completed in February 2014. The production of this Guide was supported by the UK Government.

GSDRC appreciates the contributions of: Duncan Barker, Joanna Macrae, Sam Rose and Tim Waites at DFID; Rony Brauman, Roy Daley, Rubina Jasani and Tony Redmond at the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (University of Manchester); Janki Andharia at the Jamsetji Tata Centre for Disaster Management (Tata Institute of Social Sciences); Jenny Birchall and Elaine Mercer at BRIDGE (IDS); and Sarah Bradshaw at Middlesex University.

Suggested citation

Combaz, E. (2014). Disaster resilience: Topic guide. Birmingham, UK: GSDRC, University of Birmingham.