Climate change and social development

This topic guide synthesises literature on the links between climate change and social development, and includes evidence of their interactions, lessons, approaches and tools. It considers climate change impacts and climate-relevant interventions in the following areas:

  • five sectors: agriculture and food security, health, water, energy, and low-carbon transport;
  • three types of contexts: conflict-affected and insecure settings, urban settings, and coastal zones;
  • two key social development strategies: social protection and Disaster Risk Reduction.

About this Topic Guide

This topic guide was written by Pamela Pozarny. Document summaries were provided by Eleanor Chowns. The guide's production was supported by the UK Government.

GSDRC appreciates the contributions of Simon Anderson (IIED), Róisín Hinds (GSDRC), Natalia Kostus (International Alliance of Women), Andrew Norton (ODI), and Carole Rakodi (University of Birmingham).

Suggested citation

Pozarny, P. (2016). Climate change and social development: Topic guide. Birmingham, UK: GSDRC, University of Birmingham.