Evidence on education as a driver for migration


Evidence on education as a driver for migration


This report synthesises two previous reports on drivers of migration1, and focuses on the evidence on education’s role. The previous reports focused on education and migration in fragile and conflict-affected states (FCAS), and youth employment and education in low and middle income countries. The papers presented below reflect these original criteria, but reframe the studies to draw out the evidence on education as a driver. The report outlines the evidence on when and whether education services make a difference to people’s reasons for moving. This report includes rural-urban migration, regional and international migration, and migration away from fragile and conflict-affected states (FCAS). It does not consider migration that is primarily economic, whether regular or irregular.


Suggested citation

Browne, E. (2017). Evidence on education as a driver for migration. K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.