An analysis of existing evidence around perceptions of the Tanzanian education system


Produce an analysis of existing evidence around perceptions of the Tanzanian education system.
Areas to cover:
• Positive and negative perceptions of the Tanzanian education system in general, and the
reasons behind those perceptions.
• What are the views about when children should start and stop formal schooling? What
are the views of different levels of education, and which is most important?
• What skills do children need the most for their future, and are these skills being
developed in schools?
• What happens to children who drop out of school, what are their options?


This Helpdesk report has been commissioned to help understand the extent to which the education system currently meets young people’s needs and how far the school represents a safe space for young people. In line with the plan to gather insights and identify trends, themes and areas for discussion for policy meetings about the wider population’s views on the above issues, the following datasets were identified for this report:
• Ipsos MORI Omnibus Survey, Tanzania, 2016 Responses to the latest nationally representative omnibus survey.
• OPM, 2016. EQUIP-Tanzania Impact Evaluation. Midline Technical Report, Volume I: Results and Discussion and Midline Technical Report, Volume II Methods and Supplementary Evidence These reports present the findings from the midline (ML) round of the Education Quality Improvement Programme in Tanzania (EQUIP-T) impact evaluation (IE).
• Twaweza, 2016. Reality Check, Citizens’ views on education in a fee free era In this brief the views of citizens about the state of education in Tanzania over the last one year are presented.
• Twaweza, 2016. A New Dawn? Citizens’ views on new developments in education This policy brief presents citizens views and experiences with the public provision of basic education.
• Twaweza, 2015. The key to life? Citizens’ views on education This brief reports citizens’ views on education, with a focus on the quality of secondary school education.
• Twaweza, 2014. What’s going on in our schools? Citizens reflect on the state of education This brief reports the most recent citizen opinions and facts on schools and learning in Tanzania.
• Twaweza, 2013. Form Four Examination Results Citizens report on the learning crisis in Tanzania In this brief Uwazi at Twaweza contributes to the debate surrounding the Form Four examination results of 2012, presenting the most recent nationally representative


Suggested citation

Mobey, H. (2016). An analysis of existing evidence around perceptions of the Tanzanian Education System. K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies