Humanitarian learning resource guide

This 12-page guide is designed to provide DFID staff and other interested parties with information about free online courses and materials they can use to develop or refresh their humanitarian technical competencies.

It is not an exhaustive list, but provides a starting point for those working to support DFID’s humanitarian objectives. Further resources may be added. The listing does not attempt to provide a sector by sector guide. It briefly explains what each course or resource is, what it covers, and how long it takes (where information is available).

The courses and resources are mostly aimed at people with a general level of knowledge about humanitarian response or development. Most online courses require registration and can be started whenever the user wants.

Inclusion in this list does not mean that courses or resources are officially endorsed by DFID or the GSDRC.


  • Cross-cutting resources
  • Humanitarian and disaster risk planning and management of relief programmes
  • Humanitarian and disaster risk management theory and architecture
  • International humanitarian law and humanitarian principles
  • Crisis resilience
  • Other sources of humanitarian training
  • Annex: Additional resources

Suggested citation

Rohwerder, B. (2016). Humanitarian learning resource guide. Birmingham: GSDRC, University of Birmingham