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About this guide

How can we ensure that basic services reach the poorest?  What is the best way of involving service users and ensuring that providers are accountable to them?  Are non-state service providers pro-poor, and how should the state engage with them? What are the particular challenges for delivering services in conflict or fragile environments? 

This guide provides an introduction to a few of the key recent debates for development practitioners involved in the provision of basic services, particularly health, education, water and sanitation.  It includes academic articles, donor reports and case studies from a range of developing countries.

The guide was originally prepared by Zoë Scott. The GSDRC appreciates the contributions of Richard Batley (International Development Department, University of Birmingham), Anu Joshi (Institute of Development Studies), Claire Hughes (Social Development Direct), and Nicola Dahrendorf (DFID).  Comments, questions or documents for consideration should be sent to

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The following document summaries were added in January 2012: