Sustainable Development Goals and current trends

This report focuses on Agenda 2030 and the challenges of delivering the Global Goals and the implications of trends for the UK’s international development work. Section 2 focuses on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs/Global Goals) and the challenges of delivering them. These Global Goals will shape the world’s approach to growth and sustainable development ...» more

Implementing safeguard policies in infrastructure programming

DFID’s infrastructure position paper states that ‘improved infrastructure service provision is crucial to delivering DFID’s economic and human development objectives’ (DFID 2013) This work includes energy, transport, water and sanitation, information communications technology (ICT), housing and urban infrastructure (DFID 2015). Infrastructure is central to achieving economic ...» more

Refugees and encampment

This helpdesk report discusses the important question of shifting policy on refugees from encampment to other models. It particularly focuses on what contexts, and in response to what drivers and arguments, have host countries shifted from an encampment to a more relaxed refugee policy regime. Several examples of governments moving from encampment to other methods are included ...» more