Gender topic guide

How to use this guide

This Topic Guide on Gender can be read online using the links to its sections above. The full guide can also be downloaded as a PDF (149 pages; 1.9 MB).

The guide includes one-paragraph summaries of key texts. Clicking on the link in a document title will take the reader to a longer, one-page summary of the document.

About this guide

This Topic Guide introduces some of the best recent literature on a range of gender issues and highlights major critical debates. It is intended primarily as a reference for policymakers and highlights practical guidance, lessons learned and case studies. New publications and emerging issues will be regularly incorporated.

The guide was written by Ann Kangas, Huma Haider and Erika Fraser in 2012. It was commissioned and funded by the Australian Government (DFAT). It was updated in 2014 by Evie Browne with funding from the UK Government's Department for International Development (DFID).

The GSDRC appreciates the expert contributions made by Samantha Hung (Asian Development Bank) and Annalise Moser (Gender and Development Specialist). Comments or document suggestions can be sent to