Communication and governance

Communication and governance


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This guide can be read online using the links to its seven sections at the top of this page. The full guide can also be downloaded as a PDF (68 pages; 718 KB).

The guide includes one-paragraph summaries of key texts. Clicking on the link in a document title will take the reader to a second, longer summary of the document. Direct links to the original text are also given.

About this guide

This guide introduces some of the best recent literature on the role of communication in governance. It highlights the major critical debates surrounding the relationship between communication, government accountability and responsiveness, and state-society relations in developing countries. It is intended primarily as a reference for policymakers, and highlights practical guidance, lessons learned and case studies on supporting the development of independent and plural media systems, increasing access to information, and using communication tools in governance reform processes across a range of contexts, including fragile and conflict-affected states. New publications and emerging issues will be regularly incorporated.

The guide was written by Claire Mcloughlin (GSDRC) and Zoë Scott (GSDRC) in April 2010. The second edition was written by Huma Haider (GSDRC) in August 2011. It was produced in close collaboration with the World Bank's Communication for Governance and Accountability Program (CommGAP). The GSDRC appreciates the expert contributions made by Antonio Lambino and Anne-Katrin Arnold (CommGAP), Pippa Norris (Kennedy School of Government), and Gerry Power (BBC). Comments or document suggestions can be sent to