What are newsfeeds?

Newsfeeds alert you to new content on without you having to visit the website.

How do I use them?

Most current web browsers can read newsfeeds directly, but you can also download a free ‘newsreader’. This is a piece of software that checks for new content and displays it. Here are some links to newsreaders:  

NewzCrawler (PC)
AmphetaDesk (PC, Mac, Linux)
FeedReader (PC)
Headline Viewer (PC)
Aggie News (PC)

Once it is installed, choose the newsfeeds you want to receive from the list below. Click on the appropriate orange button and either drag or cut and paste the URL of the feed into the newsreader.

Helpdesk research reports

News feedsHelpdesk research report newsfeed


Document library newsfeeds

Geographical newsfeeds
News feedsAfrica
News feedsAmericas and Caribbean
News feedsAsia
News feedsEurope
News feedsPacific

All themes newsfeeds
News feedsAll Themes

Theme newsfeeds
News feedsAid instruments
News feedsClimate change
News feedsCommunication
News feedsCommunication & governance
News feedsCorruption
News feedsDecentralisation
News feedsDecentralisation & local governance
News feedsDemocracy & elections
News feedsDisarmament, demobilisation and reintegration (DDR)
News feedsDrivers of change
News feedsEconomic growth
News feedsFragile states
News feedsFragility
News feedsGender
News feedsGeneral governance
News feedsGovernance
News feedsGovernance indicators
News feedsHuman rights
News feedsHumanitarian assistance
News feedsHumanitarian issues
News feedsIndicators
News feedsInequalities & exclusion
News feedsInequality
News feedsInformal institutions
News feedsInstitutional development
News feedsInstitutions social norms
News feedsJustice
News feedsMonitoring and evaluation
News feedsPolitical analysis
News feedsPolitical systems
News feedsPublic financial management and accountability
News feedsPublic service management
News feedsSecurity & justice
News feedsSecurity and development
News feedsService Delivery
News feedsSmall arms and light weapons (SALW)
News feedsSocial exclusion
News feedsSocial protection
News feedsStatebuilding
News feedsViolent conflict
News feedsVoice and accountability