Consultancy Services

The GSDRC team works closely with Coffey International Development and a large group of consultancy partners. Together, we provide ‘Governance, Social Development, Conflict and Humanitarian Professional Evidence and Applied Knowledge Services (GSDCH PEAKS)’ for DFID. Among these services are ‘call down’ services that provide DFID staff with quick access to operational and specialist support.

Specialist call down services for DFID

The wide-ranging call down services include research, training and consultancy to support project and programme planning, implementation and evaluation in the fields of governance, social development, conflict and humanitarian assistance. The call down facility draws on a large network of pre-approved organisations, enabling fast access to thousands of experts worldwide. The consortium follows ISO 9001 certified project management practices and provides a rapid turnaround time on requests for proposals within a maximum of 10 working days.

Coffey International Development, lead contractor for the GSDCH PEAKS framework, manages the call down services. For more information, please contact Jeremy Swainson and Malgorzata Czarkowska.

Project reports

Where possible, reports from completed GSDCH PEAKS call down projects are made available below.