Social insurance

Ex-Ante Methods to Assess the Impact of Social Insurance Policies on Labor Supply with an Application to Brazil

David A. Robalino et al.

This study has developed a behavioural model to assess how changes in the rules of pensions and unemployment benefit systems could affect savings rates, the share of time that individuals spend outside of the formal sector, retirement decisions, and system costs. Key parameters are: (1) preferences regarding consumption and leisure; (2) preferences regarding formal versus ...» more

The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Social Security Contributions: The Case of Zimbabwe

H N Chikova, C F Chinamasa

What is the potential impact of HIV/AIDS on social security contributions in Zimbabwe? What can be done to limit this impact? This article from the International Social Security Review aims to project the potential impact of HIV/AIDS and imposed ceilings on social security contributions in the context of high inflation. HIV/AIDS and the growth of imposed ceilings on insurable ...» more

Group-Based Funeral Insurance in Ethiopia and Tanzania

Stefan Dercon et al.

How do indigenous insurance institutions help people cope with the cost of funerals? Could these institutions be scaled up? This article analyses evidence from rural Tanzania and Ethiopia. It finds that these institutions are widespread and inclusive and may be well-placed to broaden insurance provision and other development activities. However, concerns about political capture ...» more

Poverty, Old-age and Social Pensions in Kenya

N Kakwani, H Son

Protecting the elderly from the risk of poverty is a central challenge for developing countries. Could improvements in the pensions system help to reduce poverty in Kenya? This research from the UNDP Poverty Centre and World Bank examines the socioeconomic and demographic profiles of the elderly in Kenya to model potential interventions. It evaluates current and potential ...» more