Older people

Webinar video: Demographic shifts

The next decade will see the global population rise by 1 billion. The current youth bulge (there are an estimated 1.5 billion young people in the world today) is expected to give way to a rapidly ageing population by 2050. What does this mean for the development community? Dr Laura Camfield (UEA) and Prof Asghar Zaidi (University of…» more

Ageing and development

The world’s population is ageing across all regions of the world. Extraordinary developments in technology, medicine and public hygiene over the last 100 years have resulted in increasing numbers of people living longer than ever before, with better health and the prospect of a more active life long into old age. This trend coupled with…» more

Social development and human development

This Topic Guide aims to answer the question ‘What is the interaction between social development issues and human development outcomes?’ An individual’s right to lead a long and healthy life, to be educated and to enjoy a decent standard of living cannot be realised without addressing social development issues. This is because these issues determine individuals’ access to ...» more

Social exclusion

This publication aims to introduce some of the best literature on the definitions, understandings, causes, and impact of social exclusion, as well as how exclusion can be measured and addressed by governments, civil society actors and international organisations. The guide was written by Seema Khan (GSDRC), in close collaboration with Professor Frances Stewart (Centre for ...» more

Social protection for older persons: Key policy trends and statistics

International Labour Organization

This policy paper: (i) provides a global overview of the organisation of pension systems, their coverage and benefits, as well as public expenditures on social security, in 178 countries; (ii) analyses trends and recent policies, e.g. extension of coverage in a large number of low- and middle-income countries; (iii) presents the negative impacts of fiscal consolidation and ...» more

Witness to Climate Change: Learning from Older People’s Experience

HelpAge International

This paper is based on research with older men and women from Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. It looks at older people's experience and awareness of climate change, and calls for better inclusion of their views in developing adaptive strategies. Older people are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change ...» more

Poverty, Old-age and Social Pensions in Kenya

N Kakwani, H Son

Protecting the elderly from the risk of poverty is a central challenge for developing countries. Could improvements in the pensions system help to reduce poverty in Kenya? This research from the UNDP Poverty Centre and World Bank examines the socioeconomic and demographic profiles of the elderly in Kenya to model potential interventions. It evaluates current and potential ...» more

Social Pensions: Their role in the Overall Pension System

R Palacios, O Sluchynsky

Are social pension schemes (SP) an effective way of alleviating poverty among the elderly in developing and transition countries? What issues need to be considered in formulating pension policy in developing countries? This study for the World Bank reviews the global experience with social pensions, finding that coverage and cost of schemes varies widely.Social pensions (SP) – ...» more

Coping with Love: Older People with HIV/AIDS in Thailand

HelpAge International

Although Thailand’s HIV/AIDS epidemic has received a lot of attention over the last decade, little information exists about its impact on older people. This report from HelpAge International (HAI) presents the findings of research carried out in northern Thailand. It highlights the issues faced by older people affected by HIV/AIDS, the contributions they are making to their ...» more

Are Chronically Poor People Being Left Out of Progress Towards the Millennium Development Goals? A Quantitative Analysis of Older People, Disabled People and Orphans

E Masset, H White

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set ambitious targets for poverty reduction, however, there is a dearth of analysis on how specific groups are faring with respect to these goals. This article, from the Journal of Human Development, aims to close this gap by illustrating that the progress made by three relatively disadvantaged groups – orphans, people with disabilities ...» more

Summary of Research Findings on the Nutritional Status and Risk Factors for Vulnerability of Older People in Africa

Help Age International

As the global population of older people (OP) is increasing, it is important to recognise and respond to their specific needs. This report, by HelpAge International, brings together key issues affecting the nutrition and health of OP, drawing on a range of surveys in Africa. There is an urgent need to develop and implement geriatric nutrition policy in African countries, ...» more

Forgotten Families: Older People as Carers of Orphan and Vulnerable Children

International HIV/AIDS Alliance and HelpAge International

As a result of HIV/AIDS, family structures are changing. Large numbers of older people are assuming responsibility for bringing up orphans and vulnerable children. What challenges do they face, and how can these be overcome? This report by HelpAge International and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance draws on evidence collected from programme experience in Africa and Asia. It ...» more

Households and Income: Ageing and Gender Inequalities in Urban Brazil and Colombia

Maria Cristina Gomes da Conceição

How are social policy and pension reforms affecting the welfare of the elderly in Brazil and Colombia? What impact are these reforms having on family structure? This paper from the Journal of Developing Societies finds that universal pension reform can mitigate the economic and domestic exclusion of poorer and rural elderly while an individual saving pension system can ...» more

The Mark of a Noble Society: Human Rights and Older People

S Beales

Older women and men are now the world's fastest-growing population group, and among the poorest. What barriers do older people face in having their predicaments acknowledged and their contributions supported? How can their rights be promoted and protected? There is a compelling economic as well as moral logic for including older people in global strategies to combat poverty to ...» more