Good neighbours? Africans express high levels of tolerance for many, but not for all

Boniface Dulani, Gift Sambo, and Kim Yi Dionne

This report presents new findings on tolerance in Africa from Afrobarometer Round 6 surveys in 33 countries in 2014/2015. (The questions on tolerance were not asked in Algeria, Egypt, and Sudan because research partners deemed the question about tolerance for homosexuals too sensitive.) The survey asks respondents whether they would like, dislike, or be indifferent to having ...» more

We want to learn about good love: Findings from a qualitative study assessing the links between comprehensive sexuality education and violence against women and girls

Jenny Holden; Emma Bell; & Victoria Schauerhammer

Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) can empower young people to make informed, autonomous decisions regarding their current and future relationships. This report finds compelling evidence that CSE is both part of a quality education and a holistic approach to prevent VAWG. However, more evidence on what works in changing attitudes on gender equality and reducing VAWG as ...» more

‘Leave no one behind’: Gender, sexuality and the Sustainable Development Goals

Elizabeth Mills

This report provides evidence on the impact of excluding populations on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression (SOGIE). It argues that unless deliberate steps are taken by international and national development actors to address this exclusion, the explicit global commitment in the SDGs to eradicate inequality for all people will not be ...» more

Comprehensive sexuality education

Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) has strong support in the international discourse, and is supported by a relatively robust evidence base. In general, the evidence suggests that CSE has positive impacts on behaviour change, such as increased condom use, girls’ empowerment and delayed sexual debut. This is achieved through increasing knowledge and changing attitudes. ...» more

Gender and humanitarian issues

A wealth of academic research and UN, INGO, NGO and CSO publications document the differences between the needs, capacities and perceptions of women and men and boys and girls on the types of humanitarian assistance needed in a natural or man-made disaster. When these different perspectives are not taken into account interventions are not effective…» more

Sexuality and Poverty Synthesis Report

Kate Hawkins, Stephen Wood, Tanya Charles, Xiaopei He, Zhen Li, Anne Lim, Ilana Mountian, Jaya Sharma

This report synthesises learning from audits which were undertaken in Philippines, China, Brazil, India and South Africa. It is part of a larger project that focuses on understanding the links between sexuality, gender plurality and poverty with the aim of improving socioeconomic policy and programming to support people marginalised because of their sexuality. The project was ...» more

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex rights in national human rights institutions

NHRIs almost unanimously take a universal human rights stance which is validated and backed up by the UN. This institutional support allows NHRIs to criticise governments for failing to support certain human rights. NHRIs often emphasise that LGBTI rights are contained within existing UN rights principles, particularly the rights to privacy, health, life, freedom from ...» more

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) and Aid

Strategies that have been tried by development agencies (government and NGO) to secure and protect the rights of LGBT people, particularly in Africa, include: Action on HIV/AIDS: Donor and NGO concerns about the links between health and economic, social and political vulnerability opened up spaces to talk about the human rights of people marginalised by their sexuality. ...» more

Introduction: Sexuality Matters

Andrea Cornwall, Susie Jolly

What is the connection between sexuality and development? This introduction to an issue of the Bulletin published by the Institute of Development Studies, addresses the role of sexuality in development. The mainstream literature has largely ignored this subject, either reducing it to a health and reproduction issue, or dismissing it as a “luxury”. In fact, sexuality is a matter ...» more