Financing Adaptation: Opportunities for Innovation and Experimentation

Manish Bapna, Heather McGray

How should funding for climate change adaptation be generated, channelled and spent? This paper explores the opportunities and challenges involved in financing adaptation efforts in developing countries. Helping developing countries adapt to climate change will involve enormous resources, above those already assigned for development. Finance mechanisms that can deliver this ...» more

Federalism, Sub-national Financing and Aid Effectiveness

J Eldon, C Waddington

The success of federal nations in meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) depends largely on the development of efficient fiscal federalism and intergovernmental fiscal transfers (IGFTs). Using examples from Ethiopia, Nigeria and Pakistan, this HLSP Institute technical approach paper explores the extent to which development partners make, or could make, effective use of ...» more

Review of International Financing Arrangements for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration

Nicole Ball, Dylan Hendrickson

How should disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration (DDR) be financed? What problems can be encountered and how can these be overcome? This paper constitutes the second part of a review from the Stockholm Initiative on Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (SIDDR). It provides a sobering assessment of the capacity of the international community as a whole to ...» more

Money in Politics: A Study of Party Financing Practices in 22 Countries

S Bryan, D Baer

Corruption relating to political party financing represents a serious threat to democracy and economic development. This study, by the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, analyses the current practice of political party financing in 22 countries worldwide. Legal reform aimed at tackling corruption – if supported by donors - will only be effective if ...» more

Education, Educators and Financing Modalities: Reflections on Experience in Uganda

P Murphy

What is the impact of external influences on national targets and plans for education in developing countries? This paper, published in the Journal of International Development, examines the impact of the trend among multilateral and bilateral donors to provide financial assistance through general budget support. Looking specifically at the case of Uganda, it argues that key ...» more

Financing Social Protection

Armando Barrientos

What is the role of international donors in financing social protection? This paper, prepared for the Department for International Development, examines the opportunities, constraints and options available to a bilateral donor in the financing of social protection. It also considers financing of social protection by governments. Donors can play a major role in financing social ...» more

Financing and Aid Management Arrangements in Post-Conflict Situations

S Schiavo-Campo

What does the the international experience with post-conflict reconstruction tell us about financing modalities and aid arrangements in post-conflict situations? Are there a series of recommendations that emerge from the experiences of post conflict countries? This paper written on behalf of the World Bank looks at the experience of aid funds in four post-conflict ...» more

Financing Aid Management Arrangements in Post-conflict Situations

S Schiavo-Campo

What has been learned from financing post-conflict reconstruction? How should aid moneys be channelled and allocated? What is the architecture of the aid management entity of the recipient government? What is the proper interaction among donors and between donors and the government in post-conflict settings? How can the dilemma between short-term urgencies and longer-term ...» more

Health Financing: Designing and Implementing Pro-Poor Policies

S Bennett, L Gilson

How should health care be financed in developing countries, and how does the system of financing impact health care for the poor? This paper written for the UK Department for International Development (DFID) by the DFID Health Systems Resource Centre (DFID HSRC) summarises what is known about the effects of the main health care financing systems, and how they can be designed ...» more