Population growth

Global Monitoring Report 2015/16: Development goals in an era of demographic change

World Bank

This report evaluates the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and spells out the areas that require attention in the transition to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Despite solid development gains in the MDGs, progress has been uneven and significant work remains. The experience of the MDGs will help drive progress toward achievement of the Sustainable ...» more

Non-political drivers of violence

A growing body of literature looks at non-political drivers of violence. These, often inter-related factors, include: Climate change and environmental degradation: There is limited evidence to suggest that there is a causal link between climate change and environmental degradation and violence. However, climate change can exacerbate existing fragile situations leading to ...» more

Youth Issues in Yemen

Over 20% of Yemen’s population is aged between 15 and 24 and, according to UN estimates, by 2025 will have increased by 69% - the second fastest growth rate in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Yemen also has high rates of illiteracy and youth unemployment. Lack of employment is considered to be one of the single most important and debilitating effects of ...» more

The Demographic Impact of HIV/AIDS

United Nations Population Division Department of Economic and Social Affairs

What is the demographic impact of AIDS in the world today? Where has it had the most devastating effect? This research by the United Nations Population Division assesses life expectancy and population growth in AIDS stricken countries.As part of its research work programme, the United Nations Population Division studies the demographic impact of AIDS in the world. In its ‘1998 ...» more