Radicalisation of diaspora communities

Much of the literature emphasizes that radicalisation cannot be attributed to any one factor, but is rather the outcome of a multiplicity of factors. Individual and community influences (micro level) include: Identity crisis: second and third generation immigrant and diaspora communities may experience ‘cultural marginalisation’ in terms of alienation and lack of ...» more

Harmful traditional practices in diaspora communities

In general, the trajectory of change among the diaspora communities discussed in the literature surveyed for this report is away from carrying out HTPs. There are fewer examples identified of communities wishing to uphold these practices in their new countries. The literature identifies several factors which impact on change in attitudes and practices: Legality: All host ...» more

Transnational Transitional Justice and Reconciliation: The Participation of Conflict-generated Diasporas in Addressing the Legacies of Mass Violence

Huma Haider

Diaspora communities often develop as a consequence of forced migration. The term ‘conflict-generated diaspora’ has been used to refer to those who fled as refugees. There has been limited consideration of the involvement of conflict-generated diasporas in transitional justice and reconciliation processes that seek to address the legacies of conflict. This article aims to ...» more

Key actors mapping: Somalia

This report provides an overview of power-holders in Somalia. It finds that power is heavily concentrated in individuals rather than formal institutions. Though Somalia now features a nascent central government as well as regional polities and one secessionist government, government institutions are not the sole or even primary locus of power. Most power continues to reside in ...» more

Donor Initiatives to Engage with South Sudanese Diaspora

This report provides details of donor programmes designed to engage with the South Sudanese diaspora with the goal of supporting their development efforts in the country. It also provides details of similar programmes with the Somali diaspora and diaspora from other post-conflict states in Africa. A small number of initiatives are currently being undertaken with the South ...» more

Migrants/Diaspora and Integration

Rising interest in the area of 'transnationalism and integration' has resulted in an increase in research studies in recent years. Most of these studies find that migrant/diaspora involvement in their home countries is not a threat to their integration in host countries. Rather transnationalism and integration can comfortably coexist. Further, some studies have found that ...» more

Civil Society Beyond the State: The Impact of Diaspora Communities on Peace Building

Feargal Cochrane

Diaspora communities are key aspects of civil society, but what are their potential positive contributions to peacebuilding? This journal article by Feargal Cochrane identifies diaspora as a neglected aspect of existing literature on the role and impact of civil society in divided societies. As seen in the case of the Irish diaspora in the Northern Ireland conflict and peace ...» more

Conflict-generated Diasporas and Transnational Politics in Ethiopia

Terrence Lyons

How can diaspora groups created by conflict contribute to either increased polarisation or new opportunities for peace in the homeland? This article in Conflict, Security and Development explores ways in which conflict-generated diaspora groups link processes of globalisation and transnational migration to homeland politics and conflicts. The case of the Ethiopian diaspora in ...» more

Organised Diaspora Networks and Homeland Peacebuilding: The Bosnian World Diaspora Network as a Potential Development Actor

Gregory Kent

How connected with the homeland are existing diaspora networks? What factors limit and promote strong relationships? How effective have diaspora networks been in assisting the transformations required for peacebuilding? This journal article assesses the potential of diasporas to contribute to post conflict reconstruction in the homeland, looking at the case of the Bosnian World ...» more

Diaspora Involvement in Insurgencies: Insights from the Khalistan and Tamil Eelam Movements

Christine Fair

How are diasporas involved in ethnic conflict in their homelands? This paper from the United States Institute of Peace examines the role of diasporas in north India’s Punjab insurgency and Sri Lanka’s Tamil insurgency. Both Sikhs and Tamils have mobilised financial, diplomatic, social and religious support. But while the Sikh diaspora has never developed a sophisticated ...» more