Manual on Rights-based Education: Global Human Rights Requirements Made Simple

United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation

How can rights-based strategies be used for furthering the goal of Education for All (EFA) by 2015? This manual by, United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), strives to mainstream human rights in education in order to contribute to both to EFA and to the fulfilment of the right to education. It highlights the relevant human rights standards and ...» more

Promoting Rights-Based Approaches: Experiences and Ideas from Asia and the Pacific

J Theis

What is a rights-based approach (RBA)? How can rights-based programming be translated into practical project and programme tools? This manual from Save the Children Sweden (SCS) is a collection of articles introducing RBAs and presenting practical advice on application, case studies and innovative tools for implementing RBAs. It concludes with a list of web resources on ...» more

Human Rights-Based Reviews of UNDP Programmes: Working Guidelines


The UN operates a Common Understanding of the human rights-based approach to development (HRBA). This United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)paper sets out working guidelines for a human rights-based review of UNDP country offices and projects based on the Common Understanding. The guidelines aim to support reviews at each phase of programming, strengthen existing ...» more

Whose Needs are Right? Refugees, Oustees and the Challenges of Rights-Based Approaches in Forced Migration

L Mehta, J Gupte

Uprootedness characterises the lives of millions of people globally and is likely to increase in the 21st century as economic globalisation, violence and conflict continue. How can practical interventions minimise the injustices faced by refugees and oustees? Compiled for the Development Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty, this paper explores the growing ...» more

A Rights-Based Approach to Reproductive Health

A Kols

Effectively addressing reproductive health problems calls for an integrated, rights-based approach that draws on the fields of health, ethics, law and human rights. This approach can provide analytical tools to identify root causes and inequities, shape humane and effective programmes and policies, and pressure governments into working proactively. This issue of Outlook, ...» more

Rights-Based Approaches to Tackling Discrimination and Horizontal Inequality

T O'Neil, L-H Piron

How can discrimination and horizontal inequality be combated? Many societies exhibit strong horizontal inequality, meaning gaps in well-being between clearly defined groups (for example, along lines of gender or ethnicity). Frequently, a lack of respect for equal rights and difficulties in claiming entitlements are major factors underlying poverty, contributing to economic and ...» more

Child Rights Programming: How to Apply Rights-Based Approaches in Programming

Save the Children

What is the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and how can it be used in development programming? This handbook from Save the Children demonstrates how the CRC can be used as the basis for the project cycle and efforts for advocacy and change. It promotes the Child Rights Programming (CRP) approach and provides guidance about how to use this approach in practice.The ...» more