Promoting Gender Equality in New Aid Modalities and Partnerships

N Alami, A-M Goetz

How can we ensure that gender equality is central to development and poverty reduction? This paper, by the United Nations Fund for Women (UNIFEM), suggests that the new aid effectiveness agenda, set out in the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, can be harnessed to speed up implementation of gender equality commitments. It argues that gender equity concerns and women’s ...» more

OECD DAC Development Co-operation Report 2005


The year 2005 was billed as the ‘year of development’, but how did it turn out? This OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) report for 2005 reviews achievements and failures and discusses key future challenges for aid effectiveness.Development issues received an exceptionally high profile in 2005 – a year punctuated by a catalogue of humanitarian crises, with summits of ...» more

Capacity Development and State Building: Issues, Evidence and Implications for DFID

G Teskey

What historical lessons in state building can be transferred from developed to developing countries? Can there be a general theory of capacity building that can provide a basis for policy guidance in development? This paper for the Department for International Development (UK) explores these questions, concluding that capacity development is difficult but not impossible to ...» more

Capacity Development Practice Note


What are the core capacity issues in a development context? How can external partners support countries’ efforts to build on these to achieve development goals? This Practice Note, written by the United National Development Programme (UNDP), addresses these issues, drawing on examples from a range of developing countries. It sets out key entry points for UNDP and other external ...» more

The Challenge of Capacity Development: Working Towards Good Practice


Despite being on the agenda for decades, evaluations show that sustainable capacity development remains one of the most challenging areas of international development practice. What lessons have been learned? How can good practice become common practice? This paper from the Development Assistance Committee synthesises the importance of capacity and the mixed record in achieving ...» more

Evaluation of the Technical Assistance Provided by the International Monetary Fund

M Selowsky, J Chelsky

The International Monetary Fund's (IMF) Technical Assistance (TA) aims to develop the productive resources of member countries by improving the effectiveness of economic policy and financial management. This involves strengthening capacity to formulate effective policy and assisting in the design of these policies. This report from the IMF's Independent Evaluation Office ...» more

Between Naivety and Cynicism: A Pragmatic Approach to Donor Support for Public Sector Capacity Development

N Boesen, O Therkildsen

How can capacity development and change in public sector organisations in poor countries be stimulated? What are the alternatives to traditional practices that have not delivered convincing, lasting results? This paper from Danida presents a results-oriented approach to capacity change (ROACH) to help developing country practitioners and donors to work with capacity development ...» more

Technical Assistance in Danish Bilateral Aid: A Policy paper

Danish Agency for Development Assistance

Major restructuring of Danish aid was carried out in 2003, decentralising responsibility for aid programming, execution and reporting to country offices. As part of a move towards aligning aid more directly behind the development aspirations of partner countries, this policy paper sets out Danida's strategy on the provision of Technical Assistance (TA). It emphasises ...» more

Developing Capacity through Technical Cooperation

S Browne, M Hilderbrand

Financial aid was originally intended to close resource gaps, whilst technical cooperation (TC) was intended to compensate for skills. However the real target of TC is broader: the development of the capacity to manage. This book by the United Nations Development Programme outlines trends and issues in capacity development, and the role that TC has played in achieving it in six ...» more

Legal and Judicial Reform in German Development Cooperation

C Popovic, N Lutter

What are the German government’s priority areas for development activities in legal and judicial reform? This paper identifies two key criteria and intervention categories: the rule of law and legal certainty. It describes methods of assistance and different regional programmes, and outlines future priorities, including translating legal principles into legal practice and ...» more

The Pooling of Technical Assistance: An Overview Based on Field Experience in Six African Countries

H Baser, P Morgan

The move to pooling is part of a broader process of change in development cooperation towards more country ownership and control. Under what circumstances is pooling Technical Assistance likely to be effective? This report from the European Centre of Development Policy Management reviews the pooling of technical assistance (TA) in the context of sector-wide approaches (SWAps). ...» more