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Image: Addressing the basic needs displaced people in Mali © EC / ECHO / Anouk Delafortrie

New Topic Guide:
Social Protection

Social protection is used in a growing number of countries, and the evidence suggests that it has had positive effects on child and maternal health, primary and secondary education enrolment and attendance, and poverty reduction. This Topic Guide provides an overview of social protection concepts, approaches, issues and debates, and includes links to further resources.

Latest Document Summaries

Promoting Active Citizenship: What have we learned from 10 case studies of Oxfam’s work?

Author: Duncan Green (2015)
Size: 12 pages (213 KB)

This paper summarises lessons from ten case studies of active citizenship. The studies cover issues including women's empowerment, land and labour rights, the arms trade, community protection and conflict resolution. Lessons on promoting active citizenship include building citizens’ self-confidence and assertiveness, and identifying or building organisations that provide long-term foundations for collective activism. Many of the initiatives studied involved more than a decade of work, and relied on donors’ willingness to take risks.

World Social Protection Report 2014/15: Building economic recovery, inclusive development and social justice

Author: ILO (2014)
Size: 364 pages (17.9 MB)

This ILO report: (i) provides a global overview of the organisation of social protection systems, their coverage and benefits, as well as public expenditures on social security; (ii) following a life-cycle approach, presents social protection for children, for women and men of working age, and for older persons; (iii) analyses trends and recent policies, e.g. negative impacts of fiscal consolidation and adjustment measures; and (iv) calls for the expansion of social protection in pursuit of crisis recovery, inclusive development and social justice. It notes that only 27% of the global population enjoy access to comprehensive social security systems.